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General Information

General Information LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2016

Date & Time September 13(TUE.) → 16(FRI.), 2016 10:00-17:00
Venue TOKYO Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Organizer The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
Japan Industrial Vehicles Association
Japan Pallet Association
Japan Material Handling Association
The Japan Institute of Material Handling
Japan Institute of Logistics Systems
Japan Management Association
Scale <planned> 450 companies / 1,850 booths (16,500m2)
Number of Entries
Over 60,000 professionals
Admission Fee ¥1,000 (Admission is free with registration ticket.)

Exhibit Categories

  • Storage Systems & Equipment Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Racks, Moving Racks, Rotary Racks, Other
  • Picking Systems Picking Carts, Digital Picking Systems, Other
  • Industrial Vehicles Forklifts, Automated Guided Vehicles, Scissor Lifts, Attachments for Forklifts and Cranes, Other
  • Carriers Carriers, Hand Trucks, Casters, Other
  • Packaging Systems & Equipment Packaging Machines, Encasing Machines, Binding Machines, Box-Making Machines, Weighing Machines, Other
  • Information Systems & Software IC Tags (RFID), Barcodes, ID Systems, Printers, Scanners, Sensors, Labeling Systems, POS Systems, EDI Systems, SCM/SCEM, Order Entry Systems, Arrival/Shipment Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Transportation/Dispatch/Delivery Systems, Operation Control Systems, ERP, Logistics Cost Control Systems, Distribution Processing Support Systems, Management Analysis Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems/Mobile Communication Systems, Load Matching Systems, Other
  • Logistics-Related Environmental Systems
  • PR for Attraction of Enterprises Attraction of Enterprises, Airport/Port/Distribution Park, Attraction of Overseas Enterprises, Other
  • Sorting Systems & Equipment Sorters, Other
  • Transfer Systems Conveyors, Palletizers, Depalletizers, Table Lifters, Cranes, Dock Boards, Chain Hoists, Other
  • Trucks & Specially Equipped Vehicles Trucks, Specially-Equipped Vehicles, Containers, Peripheral Equipment, Related Equipment, Related Parts, Software, Other
  • Pallets & Containers Pallets, Containers (Transportation/Packaging), Load Shifting Prevention Equipment, Flexible Containers, Pallet Washing Machines, Other
  • Third-Party Logistics Logistics Solutions, Logistics Consulting, Other
  • Engineering & Consulting Logistics Engineering, Integrated Systems, Simulation, Scheduling Systems, Other
  • Storage & Transportation Services Intermodal Transportation Systems, Transportation/Distribution Services, Distribution Processing, Logistics Work Staffing Services, Other
  • Parts for Logistics Equipment Motors, Inverters, Tires, Belts, Transmissions, Bearings, Other
  • Development of/Investment in Logistics Facilities
  • Publishing & Associations

Expected Visitor Categories

Top management from all industries in Japan and overseas; people in charge of logistics/physical distribution; people responsible for manufacturing/technology, development/design, marketing/research, information systems, sales/planning, and purchasing/stocking and people related to governmental organizations, associations, schools, etc.

Expected Visitor
  • Transportation/Warehousing
  • Retailing/Wholesaling/Distribution
  • General/Precision Machinery
  • Transportation Machinery
  • Electrical/Electronic Equipment
  • Foods
  • Chemicals/Energy
  • Construction/Civil Engineering
  • Steel/Other Metals
  • Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Textiles/Apparel
  • Information/Services
  • Publishing
  • Government Agencies/Associations/Schools
  • Overseas Visitors