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Date Weather Registered Visitors*Number of visitor
from concurrent event
Number of Entries
September.13th (Tue) Rain/Cloudy 11,414(9,165) 24,022(20,990)
September.14th (Wed) Cloudy 15,963(13,334) 37,662(33,523)
September.15th (Thu) Cloudy 17,412(15,038) 42,532(36,607)
September.16th (Fri) Cloudy 19,282(17,149) 48,437(41,383)
TOTAL 64,071 *3,115 included(54,686 *3,815 included) 152,653(132,503)
  • Registered visitors was the number of people registered as visitors for this exhibition. (One registration made during the exhibition is counted as one visitor only once.)

  • The number of visitors from concurrent events was the number of registered visitors for the other events concurrently held who visited this exhibition.
    (The concurrent events were:"AUTOID & COMMUNICATION EXPO 2014,")

  • The number of Entries was the total number of people who entered the exhibition venue (which was counted using a counting system at the venue entrance). (The number includes visitors, registered visitors to other events that allow mutual entry, press, exhibition planning committee members, seminar lecturers, personnel from cosponsors, etc.)